Good day people… Up for review today is BAD TEACHER

The movie stars Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake and some other people I really don’t know… *smiling*.
The story line centers around Diaz who is a high school teacher that does not want to be involved in anything that goes on in the school and that includes her students. Even in her life she does the same losing her rich boy friend in the process. She now seeks to carry out a breast enlargement to enable her get a new rich boyfriend…

The movie is quite the comedy and C. Diaz plays her role well alongside JT…

Personal Rating: 5.5/10

Cinema worthiness: Would not really urge you to go see it on the big screen but if you feel the need to shake a lil stress of you, go for it then…

Without wax,

One thought on “BAD TEACHER

  1. 5.5? Hell No!!!….this movie is what anyone shouldn’t consider seeing.camron diaz nd justin timberlake you guys can do better when it comes to scripts or what I may call movie selection.this script is crap and doesn’t even potray anytin worth learning.personally I would rate it ǻ 1.0. Bushit

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