So am bored as I can be so I decide to go to twitter where I could at least get some fun. Facebook I still got love for you… ;). So while going through twitter I saw a trending topic about #movieletdown and hey I review movies so I decided to write about some of the movies that have been a total let down. They are a lot but I’ll limit them to 10 and in no particular order.


I don’t know what Stallone was thinking but they could have come out with a better script. Yeah we know most of the actors are action movie stars but the lack of a good story killed the movie. I don’t really have beef with the movie but with the kinda stars in the movie one would have expected better.


Now am not one of the people who criticize movies made from novels because if I have read the novel I have the belief when watching the movie to not expect much but please this movie was a major let down. If you have read the book by Rick Riordan then you would guess that they did not have plans to continue the movie. Please the movie is such a far cry from the book. Well seeing as the 2nd part of the movie is going to be released in 2013 let’s hope they do better and I’ll like to see how they want to achieve continuity with the way the sort of went off novel in the first part.


Please am a big fan of resident evil but this installment sort of lost it bearing. I don’t understand where the movie is heading. Hope they get it right in the next installment… yeah I said it. Read there should be another installment soon. Would keep you all posted.


Wahalai if it were Nigeria that this movie was made I would have personally called for the director’s head to bring the money so that it can be used to do better things. Happy I never went to the cinemas to see it.


How do you get about making the mummy without Rachael Weisz? :s one thing I have learnt some characters are key to a movie. Please try imagining Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp or Harry Potter without Daniel Radcliffe then you get the picture. I could not bring myself to bring the movie properly. Disappointing


I had so much hope for this movie. If you saw the trailer you would have killed to see this movie. I waited in vain for this movie to reach the cinemas only to have a friend at work to give me a clear version and I was beyond sad. First the gods in the movie are not given the swag Greek gods are always given; Zeus without a single flash of his trademark lightning bolt, Poseidon when with is trident is known to be deadly, the titans are nothing to write home about, Thesus does not make maximum use of the Epirus bow, there was a lot going wrong with the movie. Expected better from the producers of 300.


There I said it. Seriously really? Vampires sparkling…. Geez. After the first part have not bothered myself with the movie at all lest I get irritated or angry. PLEASE!!! A lil more creativity needed at Hollywood producers, script writers and directors


I don’t know but this movie in pidgin (i.e Nigerian English for my non-Nigerian readers) “no try”. With the trailer and with what we watched from the cartoons one would have expected more or better. Not that the movie was not great but it was a letdown compared to expectations.


Started off a lil okay but lost focus. Dunno how I managed to complete the movie… SMH


Let it be said that this was the worst movie this side of the millennium. In this age where there are 3-D cameras and there are almost no limits to what the production crew can do, this movie was nothing to write home about. My rating for the movie is 1.9/10. PLEASE!!!! How can Fire benders not bend fire unless there was fire close by to them? How could an earth bender do that many moves only to move a tiny piece of rock? :s Please they should just forget making a sequel unless the change 90% of the production crew especially the special effects team. This is one of the worst adaptations of cartoon to movie. Avatar: The Last Air bender deserves a better movie.


Feel free to comment and input ours. If your intrested in listing your own 10 movie letdowns email us @ and we would publish it.


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