As a child i grew up watching cartoons and reading novels but never during my wonderful childhood 😉 did i read the comic series of THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN. *rme*

Imagine a scenario where Peter Jackson (director of LORD OF THE RINGS) and Stephen Spielberg ( director of E.T) come together to make a movie you know that movie is bound to make some ripples 😀 . Unfortunately *sighs* they just did that 😀 bringing the comic book series of TINTIN to the big screen via animation with JAMIE BELL starring as the voice of Tintin, ANDY SERKIS as the voice of Captain Haddock/Sir Francis Haddock, DANIEL CRAIG as the voice of Rackham / Sakharine.

The movie is about Tintin a young reporter who has won awards for his many stories while in the process solving cases. In this screen adaptation  he buys a model ship, The Unicorn for a pound off a market stall only to be surprised that the sinister Mr. Sakharine was eager to buy the ship from him, who then resorts to murder and kidnapping Tintin and his wonderful dog companion Snowy, to join him and his gang above a cargo ship. Sakharine has bribed the crew to revolt against the ship’s drunken master, Captain Haddock, but Tintin, Snowy and Haddock escape, arriving in Morocco at the court of a sheikh, who also has a model of the Unicorn. Haddock tells Tintin that over three hundred years earlier his ancestor Sir Francis Haddock was forced to scuttle the original Unicorn when attacked by the pirate Sakharine but he managed to save his treasure and provide clues to its location in three separate scrolls, all of which were secreted in models of the Unicorn.

Rating: 7/10


Cinema Worthiness: Worth the watch.


Happy Viewing


WIthout Wax.





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