Hello folks what it do… In a couple of days its gonna be my birthday on the 28th to be precise so i look forward to receiving your gifts and wishes. 😀

Anyways to the business of the day. i feel bad that i was apprehensive about watching this movie in the cinemas because i have not known J.T (Justin Timberlake) to be that good of an actor even though his music and dancing career are awesome. I’m happy to say he proved me wrong with his role in this movie. Written and directed  by Andrew Niccol, in time stars Cillian Murphy as Raymond Leon, Amanda Seyfried as Sylvia Weis, and Justin Timberlake as Will Salas, Matt Bomer as Henry Hamilton

The story is set in the future when humans are genetically engineered to stop aging by 25 hence leaving the individual with less than a year to leave. Time has now become the currency so if you want to live longer you have to earn the time by either gambling or working for it. The rich live in a different time zone while the poor live in another time zone. Enter Will Salas a resident in the ghetto who lives his life one day at a time and his been accused of murdering  Henry Hamilton a man who had a century of time and gave it to Will as a gift. Will is chased by the TimeKeepers headed by Officer Leon is bent on bringing Salas to justice. Along with Will on the chase is Sylvia Weis daughter of a rich magnate who he kidnaps and later becomes his partner trying to bring justice in the world. 😉

All in all, In Time is a great movie and am happy have watched it and must say Thumbs up to J.T for a wonderful performance.


Rating: 7/10


Cinema Worthiness: Tis worth spending the time to watch.


Fav. Quote: Its not stealing if its already stolen. 🙂


On that note, happy watching and stay blessed… Awaiting thy gifts 😀


Without Wax



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