Hiya folks. Been a while I posted. The present SOPA battle is making it increasingly difficult to get some movies online to download and watch plus some of the movies are already out of the cinemas or are not there yet… I digress..

Anyways would be reviewing the animation, Arthur Christmas though it should be out of the cinemas. Produced by Sony Pictures and Directed by Sarah Smith and co-directed by Barry Cook, the movie boasts of the voice casts of JAMES MCAVOY (acted as Xavier in X-Men: First Class) as Arthur, JIM BROADBENT as Santa, BILLY NIGHY as Grandsanta, HUGH LAURIE (the dude that stars in the t.v series as Dr. House ) as Steve, this movie is a wonderful animation movie with a wonderful concept for the past festivie period.

The movie centres around Arthur the youngest son of Santa who needs to use his father high tech operation on Christmas night to ensure that a kid does not feel left out on Christmas night much to the chagrin of his brother Steve.

The movie has a wonderful storyline, the beautiful concept of elves been soliders on a time sensitive mission to ensure every kid gets his Xmas gift was way cool on my cool meter. 😉 plus it got some real cool use of British English 😀

Movie Rating: 7/10

Cinema Worthiness: Though might be out of the cinemas the movie is a worthy watch. A great movie for the family.

By the way happy holidays to my Muslim brothers/sisters…

Without Wax


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