Underworld: Awakening

Hey folks, what been happening with you all? Work has been a bind for some time now so I decided today I would go to the cinemas to go chill and see a nice movie.

There have been Vampire movies over the years but few make my list as the best with VAN HELSING leading the pack and TWILIGHT being the least. But after Van Helsing, Underworld is the next best vampire movie of mine so when I saw the trailer of UNDERWORLD AWAKENING last year I was more than excited at the idea of having to see another episode of it.

The new installment of Underworld brings back KATE BECKINSALE as Selene the beautiful 😉 vampire Death dealer in her sexy black leather suit 😀, MICHAEL EALY as Detective Sebastian, INDIA EISLEY as Eve, STEPHEN REA as Dr. Jacob Lane, THEO JAMES as David, with Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein as directors while Len Wiseman and John Hlavin as the people responsible for screenplay.

Underworld Awakening has a running time of 88 mins but I must say the directors did a good job of giving us the viewers a good movie to watch within the allocated time frame. Fast forwarding from the end of Underworld: Evolution i.e 6 months later, humans have discovered about the existence of Vampires and Lycans and therefore begin to hunt them down and exterminate them nearly making both clans extinct. Selene trying to escape with Michael Corvin, gets captured and was then held in a medical facility for 12 years. Now she’s escaped and with the help of David another vampire, she’s out to ensure the survival of her kind (vampires) and the protection of her daughter Eve, while also fighting the lycans.

The movie really falls into the category of Action movies as there was a lot of it. Stunts were cool and there was this scene that had everyone clapping in the cinema hall but hey 😉 am not going to reveal it to you… Go watch it. 😀


Rating: 7.8/10


Cinema Worthiness: Please do go and see this movie. This movie is aite!!! J


Quotes: David: WE STAND AND WE FIGHT!!!

Selene: My heart is not cold. It’s broken

Without Wax



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