Sherlock Review (T.V Series).

Good day folks.

Been unhappy a bit in the last 48 hours as my team Arsenal FC lost woefully to AC Milan :(. You can check my fellow blogger @enigma106 link to read more about that and other Arsenal FC related issues.

Anyways lemme not bore you all with football talk. Times have been busy so i have not had time to go see new movies at the cinemas which include THE DARKEST HOUR, SAFE HOUSE & JOURNEY 2 though would find time next week to handle that ;).

Today i will be reviewing a TV series for the 1st time. Thought it would not be fair to recognize the efforts of the directors of such TV series put together to ensure we have something to look forward to at least once in a week. The name of the 1st TV series to be reviewed is SHERLOCK.

Sherlock is a UK TV series run by the British Brodacasting Corporation (BBC) which also airs MERLIN and other series. Sherlock as the name implies is centered around the adventures of everyone’s favourite detective SHERLOCK HOLMES and his loyal doctor partner JOHN WATSON. Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the year 1887 (Merlin was still the greatest wizard of that time), the Sherlock Holmes story has become something of a masterpiece that people love and want to be attached to. In 2009 and 2011 director Guy Ritchie brought the story to the cinemas with Sherlock Holmes(2009) and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows(2011) with ROBERT DOWNING Jr. as Sherlock Holmes himself and JUDE LAW as John Watson.

In 2010, Paul McGuigan decided to direct the T.V series while the credit for the series writing go to Mark Gatiss(7 episodes) & Steven Moffat(7 episodes). BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH stars as Sherlock HolmesMARTIN FREEMAN as Dr. John Watson (his partner), UNA STUBBS as Mrs. Hudson(Sherlock & Watson’s housekeeper and landlady), RUPERT GRAVES as Detective Inspector Lestrade (the inept detective as Sherlock would say), MARK GATISS as Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock’s brother and arch-enemy :|), ANDREW SCOTT as Jim Moriarty (Sherlock’s greatest adversary).

Cumberbatch is more cocky than Downing Jr. while Freeman is more active and loyal than Jude Law. Set in the 21st century world, the sleuth and his doctor sidekick go ahead to solve crimes that are beyond the police that leads to them to consulting Sherlock seeing as he calls himself a “consultant detective.” 😀

The series is a wonderful watch and each 6 episodes have seen last 90 mins total so for those who felt making the movie into a series would be some how well it good to know that Paul McGuigan has done a wonderful job giving us a further peek into the life of the Sleuth and his doctor sidekick. A wonderful series i must say.

Rating: 9/10

T.V Worthiness: Its worthy of gracing your T.V screens and your laptops.

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4 thoughts on “Sherlock Review (T.V Series).

  1. Thanks for sharing my blog’s link. I enjoyed reading the Sherlock Holmes books when I was young and the movies have been impressive.

    The series will definitely be worth it.

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