CHRONICLE (Movie Review)

Hi folks how you all been? Hope you all been good.

“Boys will always be Boys…” That the tagline of the movie i would be reviewing today.

Chronicle is directed by Josh Trank while Max Landis is credited with the story and screenplay. Chronicle stars DANE DEHAAN  as Andrew Detmer, ALEX RUSSELL as Matt Garetty, MICHAEL B. JORDAN as Steve Montgomery, MICHAEL KELLY as Richard Detmer.

Chronicle is centered around three teenagers who get extraordinary powers after making an incredible discovery during a high school party. Excited and happy about their new powers their bond grows stronger as friends. But as Spiderman’s uncle said, “WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILTY.”, the three friends (Dane, Alex & Michael) soon find their lives spinning way out of control and their bond getting tested as they embrace their darker sides.

Chronicle is a great movie with nice effects and a great storyline but the movie has got one fatal flaw which i had a major problem with (first time i have regretted watching a movie in the cinemas) ;( which happens to be the fact that the viewer / watcher sees the movie through a camera eyes i.e you would be watching the movie through the camera which one of the characters holds to film the entire movie.

Rating: 6/10 😐

Cinema Worthiness: If you feel like, you can go see it. Would not advice you though

Without Wax,


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