The Darkest Hour Movie Review

First thing i thought when i saw the trailer of this movie was “WOW!!!”…

Darkest Hour was released in the month of December 2011 and stars EMILE HIRSCH as Sean, OLIVIA THIRLBY as Natalie, MAX MINGHELLA as Ben, RACHAEL TAYLOR as Anne, JOEL KINNAMAN as Skyler, VERONIKA OZEROVA as Vika while Writing credits go to Jon Spaihts (screenplay) Leslie Bohem (story)  M.T. Ahern (story) and Jon Spaihts (story) while Chris Gorak is responsible for directing this piece.

Darkest Hour is about 5 teenagers i.e Sean, Natalie, Ben, Anne and Vika who lead the race to save mankind from aliens who have come to earth to consume earth’s electricity via all the rich minerals the earth has and along the way killing all living organisms.

Darkest Hour can be classified as an Action, Sci-Fi suspense filled movie with mentions of devices such as the Faraday Cage and has its location set in Moscow, Russia

Rating: 5.8/10

Cinema Worthiness: Though out of the cinemas, Darkest Hour is a good watch.

Fav. Quotes

“You don’t know who you are, until something happens.” ………….. Skyler

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