This Means War or Does it?

Can I say that I was pissed that work has been eating too much of my time that I cannot do one of the things I love? i.e (Watching movies and having a say about them)…

Because of that I did not watch a lot of the movies in the cinemas so I had to settle with downloading them… Yesterday I finally got THIS MEANS WAR. Initially I was apprehensive about watching the movie but I must admit my instinct were wrong on this one.

The movie stars REESE WITHERSPOON as Lauren, CHRIS PINE as FDR Foster, TOM HARDY as Tuck, as Heinrich, CHELSEA HANDLER as Trish, ANGELA BASSET as Collins, ROSEMARY HARRIS as Nana Foster and its directed by McG director and producer of TV Series such as Nikita and Supernatural while Timothy Dowling and Simon Kinberg our “accountable in court” for the screenplay.

This is War is a movie centering around two CIA spies and best buddies i.e Tuck and Foster who have their relationship threatened when the discover that the like the same lady (Lauren). Employing every on and off the book tactic they try to be the best man for her… Who would lauren choose in the end? Go find a copy and watch.

The movie is a wonderful movie with the right blend of romance, action and most importantly, Comedy. I must salute the cast and crew for such a wonderful movie and performance…

Rating: 6.4/10

Cinema Worthiness: If any cinema near you is still showing it, go grab a ticket and enjoy this movie.


Lauren : Oh, I think I’m going to hell
Trish : Don’t worry. If you’re going to hell, I’ll just come pick you up.

Lauren : FDR has these tiny, like, girl hands. Like little T-Rex hands.
Trish : Eeww gross that means he’s got a mike and ike for a penis.

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