TV Review: Missing

Boredom i must say is a terrible thing. Whatever you do in life, avoid boredom for the sake of your sanity. Ok i digress but i must be grateful to boredom a little “The irony of it ba.” , i would not have come across the focus of today’s post, the television series MISSING.

Missing is a television series that ran from March 15, 2012 to May 17, 2012 on ABC. ABC announced on May 17, 2011, that the series would air as a midseason replacement in 2012.Ten episodes were ordered for the first season. ABC canceled the series on May 11, 2012. (culled from the guy that knows it all, Wikipedia).

Missing stars Ashley Judd as Becca Winstone, Sean Bean as Paul Winstone, Cliff Curtiss as Dax Miller, Adriano Giannini as Giancarlo Rossi, Nick Eversman as Michael Winstone, Laura Donnelly as Violet Heath, Keith Carradine as Martin NewmanTereza Vorísková as Oksana and Jason Wong as Fitzpatrick while Gregory Poirier is credited as being the creator of the series.

The story line is about Becca Winstone an ex-CIA agent turned mother and owner of a florist shop who lost her husband Paul Winstone(also a CIA agent) in an explosion in Austria when on vacation with their son Michael back in 2001. Michael gets admission for an architectural program in Rome. Becca is at first apprehensive about letting Michael go, but later lets him but when Michael does not call nor text for a week and she receives a call that Michael has not been in class for a week and has been kicked out of the program, Becca sets for Rome to find her son with the love of a mother driving her and the skills of her past life as an ex-CIA agent guiding her. As they say in Boondocks, that’s a combination of Nigga Moment + Nigga Synthesis = Disaster  😀

Missing as a feel of Taken and pure old fashion spy movie with brains, muscle and skills doing the talking in the action scenes. The series is wonderfully refreshing and kept me on my toes waiting for each episodes. Missing as a total of 10 episodes and each episode is interesting in their own way. Left for me critics that gave this series a negative review were very wrong. Its such a shame that ABC had to cancel the series.

Rating: 8/10

TV Worthiness: If your a fan of spy movies / series and them action and thriller genres, this series is worth having and seeing.

That’s all for now.

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