Leibster Award: A tribute to the great bloggers there

“Only God and my readers will judge me for the dust that has covered this blog…. #Chases spider-man out”

Since i was born some years ago, i have always loved movies. Then when the cinema culture was brought back to my country thanks to Mr. Ben Murray Bruce :D, my love for movies shot up to 300%. Hence in 2011, my brain touched as it does now and then with a light bulb moment, i decided to start blogging about movies i had seen and share my opinions with the world.

Parking well in my own corner, my man Enigma decided to nominate my blog for the Leibster award which is an award given to WordPress.com bloggers with under 200 WordPress.com followers on their list.

But before i proceed there are rules to follow and i list them below:

Da Rules

  1. Thank the fellow blogger that nominated you
  2. List 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer the questions the blogger has asked you in the post you were nominated
  4. Nominate 11 other people
  5. Ask the 11 nominees questions as well
  6. Last and definitely least, let them know that you nominated them

I have to say thanks to utunu Enigma for nominating me for this award and promise to offer you a good round of 17.59 and chicken to go with it :D. Its on record so fear not… -______-

11 Random Facts about Moi

  • My nickname is Da Viruz
  • I was and still is a computer and video game freak and nerd
  • I believe that Metal Gear Solid and God of War movies will be hard to produce #myOpinion
  • Am a die-hard Arsenal fan (my son must support else no school fees for him)
  • I like girls that are fine and that cook to save Africa 😀
  • Am from Okobo Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
  • My first mobile phone was the Nokia 1100
  • Am 6 feet tall
  • I got brown eyes and pink lips 😀
  • I love almost every genre of music except metal rock, opera like music and daft songs
  • I am a proud Nigerian

Answers to Enigma’s Questions

  1. Where will you like to spend your honeymoon with your future spouse? (disregard this Q if you’re already married -__-)? Miami or France 😀 
  2. How did you feel after Robin van Persie left to join Manchester United? Heartbroken and betrayed. I bled and stood by that guy during his relationship with the injury bench
  3. If you have a chance to screw any of the girls that have acted alongside James Bond in his movies, who will it be and why? (This isn’t for ‘These are not Memoirs’ and ‘Rated Erotic’ – I know you’re ladies)? Halle Berry bro…

    Halle Berry... Need i say more
    Halle Berry… Need i say more
  4. If you have a chance to be anywhere in the world right now, where will it be and why? Lagos, Nigeria because i miss my sweet mother 😀
  5. How did you get interested in writing? Let’s just say i was inspired by one too many factors including the interviewer asking this questions  -__-
  6. If you had the chance to date any celebrity at all, who would you date and why? Emma Watson or Meagan Good… I have a crush on Emma since Harry Potter and Meagan since Stomp the Yard
    Emma me love
    Emma me love

  7. Which would you prefer to have this year – 10,000 more page views or 100 more WordPress.com followers? 10,000 page more views. More people that read, more followers i get. 😀
  8. If you ever played Mortal Kombat, who was your best Kharacter?  Liu Kang noni… *screams and gives bicycle kick* #presses Y-B-Y-DOWN-A-X-A-X-B-B-Y (fatality)
  9. What would you rate as your greatest achievement so far? Where i am now in life with the people i have met and being a member of the Goonerdaily family #sniffs
  10. If you have a gun with only one bullet in it and you’re to use it to kill anyone in the world, who will it be and why? Van Persie. Dude betrayed me.

My Nominees

Honestly since i started this blogging journey, i have read wonderful blogs and hence i present my nominees

Unfortunately this are the only blogs i can think of x_x

My questions to them are;

1. Your favourite Hollywood movie

2. What genre of music defines you?

3. What your favourite past time?

4. What inspired you to write?

5. Who would you like to be, Carlos Slim or Bill Gates?

6. The One place in the world you would love to go to?

7. What’s Your favourite TV series

8. What’s Your favourite video game

9. Who’s your celebrity crush.

10. The Worst movie you have seen

11. Your dream car?

Thanks to Enigma and goonerdaily, i now know a number of blogs I can follow off the nominees list of others… which basically is what the Liebster is all about in my view. #stolen :P

Happy  holidays

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