Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Olympus Has Fallen? Where the heck was Zeus and the other gods? :s

Well even though Gerard Butler (300‘s King Leonidas) is among the cast, this is nowhere a Greek mythology movie. Directed by Antoine Fuqua (directed award winning Training Day), and written by Creighton Rothenberger & Katrin Benedikt, Olympus has Fallen also stars Aaron Eckhart as President Benjamin AsherGerard Butler as Mike BanningFinley Jacobsen as ConnorDylan McDermott as ForbesRick Yune as KangMorgan Freeman as Speaker TrumbullAngela Bassett as Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs, & Melissa Leo as Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan.

Like i said, this ain't Greek mythology
Like i said, this ain’t Greek mythology

Like i said this ain’t no Greek mythology, though it bears some similarity except in this case Olympus is the White House, Zeus is President Benjamin Asher and the other gods are the secret service agents, and every other person who is concerned with the White House’s defense. Mike Banning is a disgraced secret service agent, who is called back into action in unlikely circumstances when the White House comes under heavy attack and with every secret service agent dead, all of the White House defenses down & the terrorists who are spearheading the attack holding the president hostage, Banning must step in and try and stop Olympus from crumbling.

Picture this scenario: Remove Bruce Willis, take the Die Hard template and instead replace it with the White House under attack, and you have this epic action blockbuster. Butler proves why he might just be the next big thing in action movie roles. Even with the great supporting cast of Freeman, Basset, & Eckhart, they just could not take away his shine. Suffice to say, the acting in this movie was great and Fuqua deserves a high level of credit for being able to blend the cast and characters well. No scene was drawn, with the movie making you wonder when a 110 minutes passed you by.

Definitely would not want to be in his shoes
Definitely would not want to be in his shoes

P.S It seems Butler is suffering from post-traumatic “300” stress beacuse the way he stabbed people with knives in this movie especially in the head eh. #justSaying 😀

This tweet says it all ——-> @JamesHeights: @daviruz @YVVYEVE that guy just likes stabbing human heads #CrimesAgainstHumanity

This movie is one of the better action movies i have seen this year.

Rating: 8/10

Cinema Worthiness: Awesome movie. Enjoy your popcorn while at it and get it when it comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Movie Quotes

Mike Banning: Lets play a game of “Go Fuck Yourself”, you go first.

Mike Banning: Sorry about the house, sir.
President Benjamin Asher: It’s okay. I believe it’s insured.

Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan: How’s my hair?
President Benjamin Asher: Not a hair out of place!

Mike Banning: “Olympus has fallen. I repeat, Olympus has fallen. 40 commandos breached the gate, 28 are left.”
General Clegg: “Can we trust him?”
Mike Banning: “With all due respect, I’m the best hope you’ve got.”
Speaker Allan Trumbull: “We’re talking about the safety of President of the United States.”
Mike Banning: “We’re talking about a hell of a lot more than that, sir.”
Speaker Allan Trumbull: “Open the gates of hell.”
Mike Banning: “Yes, sir”

Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs: “Mister Speaker, you are the acting President.”
Speaker Allan Trumbull: “I want to speak to the Russians, the Chinese, the British and the French, in that order.”

Admiral Nathan Hoenig: “We have contact from within the White House.”
Speaker Allan Trumbull: “Identify yourself”
Mike Banning: “Three-zero-niner”
Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs: “Jesus, Banning?”
Admiral Nathan Hoenig: “Is this the guy we removed from the President’s detail?”
Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs: “He is ex-special forces. He will move mountains or die trying.”

Kang: Takes 15 minutes for your armed forces to come to the White House.
Kang: We took it down in 13.”

Announcer: The most protected building on earth! Has fallen.

Enjoy the movie and the post from where ever you are. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

  1. hello daviruz, i just passed on the liebster award to you hoping you would pleeeeeeeeease pick it up and do justice toit considering you’ve gotten one before. please dont fall my hand oo..hehehe..
    and as for the movie above, havent seen it yet but i hear it’s cool. what about oz,? the one with mila, rachel and michelle? heard that one hit the box office real good…
    my frnd had a sight that i’m sure you would enjoy scrolling.. he’s a cool one and when i mean he watches movies, he does big time!!! just check it out and see
    but please, go to my blog first and pick up ur award biko.. 🙂

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