Jack Bauer is Back in 24

Kiefer Sutherland is to return in a new series of real-time thriller 24 – but in a 12-episode format in which the less interesting hours will be left out.

The new series, called 24: Live Another Day, was announced on Monday, three years after the Fox drama was axed after eight seasons, a total of 192 episodes between 2001 and 2010.

Following the exploits of counter-terrorism unit agent Jack Bauer, played by Sutherland, the drama was widely thought to have run out of steam by the end of its final season.

Plans for a 24 spin-off movie have been axed, and the new series comes after Sutherland’s other Fox drama, Touch, was cancelled after two seasons.

But fans may be left wondering whether a 12-part 24 – the unique premise of the original series was that each hour in Bauer’s life was played out in real-time across an (almost) hour-long episode – is really 24 at all.

Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly said 24 showrunner Howard Gordon, whose credits also include Homeland, was “really energised” by the idea of a rebooted 24.

“They always had this idea of someday doing a feature film. I think they all agreed that ’24’ compressed into two hours is not 24,” said Reilly.

“What they’ll be able to do is go in chronological order of the day, but skip hours … Now we’ll get the best part.”

Sutherland said: “The response to 24 is unlike anything I have ever experienced as an actor before.

“To have the chance to reunite with the character, Jack Bauer, is like finding a lost friend. The story ideas from Howard Gordon are exciting and fresh, and will not disappoint.”

Gordon, whose other credits include Homeland, the US adaptation of hit Israeli drama Prisoners of War, said: “Jack Bauer has always been an exciting, thrilling character, and I confess that I’ve missed him.

“I think the audience has too. The character has evolved through the years, and this new and exciting event series format is perfect to tell the next chapter of his story and continue to reflect how the world is changing. Fans can rest assured that the Jack they know and love will be back.”

Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2013/may/13/24-return-fox-kiefer-sutherland

Am excited… Are you? 😀

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2 thoughts on “Jack Bauer is Back in 24

  1. 24 back? Cool! Tho am not so sure it will still be the same now it has been shortened to 12hrs. Maybe they should just rename it to 12 lol

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