[Movie Review] 42

So there i was bored yesterday, i decided to indulge myself in a movie and picked on 42. Let the review begin 😀


Brian Helgeland is  both the writer and director for 42, which stars Chadwick Boseman as Jackie RobinsonHarrison Ford  as Branch RickeyNicole Beharie as Rachel RobinsonChristopher Meloni as Leo DurocherLucas Black as Pee Wee ReeseAndre Holland as Wendell SmithAlan Tudyk as Ben ChapmanHamish Linklater as Ralph BrancaT.R. Knight as Harold ParrottJohn C. McGinley as Red Barber and Toby Huss as Clyde Sukeforth.

In 1946, Jackie Robinson is a Negro League baseball player who never takes racism lying down. Branch Rickey is a Major League team executive with a bold idea. To that end, Rickey recruits Robinson to break the unspoken color line as the first modern African American Major League player. As both anticipate, this proves a major challenge for Robinson and his family as they endure unrelenting racist hostility on and off the field, from player and fan alike. As Jackie struggles against his nature to endure such abuse without complaint, he finds allies and hope where he least expects it. Credits to Kenneth Chisholm (kchishol@rogers.com) from IMDB.

42 is based on a true life story and it’s not every true life story or novel adaptations that make the cut as great movies but 42 stands out as it makes the cut. Boseman plays the role of J. Robinson so well that you fall in sync with both the character and the actor. Harrison Ford and Nicole Beharie play their roles excellently as supporting characters especially Ford as he shows that experience is king. The story is well told and each scene is not elongated more than necessary and as for the visuals, kudos to the graphic team for achieving that 1947 feel that takes you back in time.

All in all, 42 is a great movie, one that warms it way into your heart and reminds you of some basic laws that guides us as humans. With an estimated budget of $40 million dollars, the movie has made $95 million dollars. I do hope it gets nominated for an OSCAR 😀

Rating: 8.5/10

Cinema Worthiness: Should be out of there now, but if not go see it. Get your Blu-Ray/DVD copy 😉


Memorable Quotes

Jackie Robinson: You want a player who doesn’t have the guts to fight back?
Branch Rickey: No. I want a player who’s got the guts *not* to fight back.
Jackie Robinson: You give me a uniform, you give me a number on my back, I’ll give you the guts.

Branch Rickey: [Referring to Jackie Robinson] He’s a Methodist, I’m a Methodist… And God’s a Methodist; We can’t go wrong.

reporter: Whatcha gonna do if one of these pitchers throws for your head?
Jackie Robinson: I’ll duck.

Clyde: Have you lost your mind? Think about the abuse you’re gonna take.

Mr. Rickey: There’s no law against it.

Clyde: No, no – but there’s a code. Break a law, they’ll think you’re smart. But break an unwritten law …

Jackie:  I don’t care if they like me.  I didn’t come here to make friends.  I don’t even care if they respect me.  Got enough respect for myself.  But I don’t want them to break me.  They came close today.

Mr. Rickey:  Sympathy.  It’s a Greek word.  Means to suffer.  I suffer with you.  That manager [Philadelphia], he’s doing me a favor.  He’s creating sympathy on my team.  Philly means city of brotherly love.

Mr. Rickey: What do you do with your team is your decision, but my team will be there with Jackie Robinson.

Mr. Rickey: You think God likes baseball, Harold?

Harold: What’s that mean?

Mr. Rickey: It means someday when God asks why you did not take the field and you say it’s because of Jackie Robinson, it might not be a sufficient reply.


Enjoy both the post and movie from wherever you are folks.

Without Wax,


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