The Day They Came

“so i have been away from here for far too long. Was kind of on a sabbatical plus ran into a bit of a challenge but now am back and better, hopefully. Last month, made Movie Reviews 2 years old, Yaaaay!!!. We have come so far hope to do better in the forthcoming years.”

The Day They Came Wallpaper

This is a short film from one of my Nigerian brethren which he made with a zero budget focusing on a sci-fi genre which also coincides with the launching of his website. It’s a movie about an alien invasion in Nigeria. Its nothing you have ever seen before. You can watch, download, share and enjoy it from the links below. Check the video below.

download link –

youtube channel–


For a zero budget movie, i’m impressed. Are you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Without Wax,


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