[Movie Review] Covert Operation

Great week to you all. Had an average weekend, Arsenal lost to Manchester United and i watched my second Nollywood movie in the cinema *pops champagne*. I present to you the review of Covert Operation.


THE BRAINS: Covert Operation is produced by Chibuike Ibe, Executive Producer Chike Uzoma & Directed by Alex Mouth (director of Tinsel) and a cast that consists of Olu Jacobs, Patience Ozokwor, Yemi Blaq, Juliet Ibrahim, Emmanuel V Mensah and Chucks Chyke. Check the trailer out below

THE PLOT: There is a general plan by Senator Ivan (Olu Jacobs) and his cabal of power hungry men to subvert the Nation and eventually take over the leadership. A biological weapon is imported to terrorize the nation so that the masses will cry for the return of the military.When the canister was hijacked, it becomes a rat race, as senator Ivan recruits the services of his arch enemy and political thug Prince (Yemi Blaq) and the State Counter Terrorism Unit headed by Ms. Jane (Patience Ozokwor) to retrieve the canister from Felicia a young girl abused by Senator Ivan driven by vengeance and not minding the cost… .

THE ANALYSIS: Forget the plot you just read there. I copied and pasted as i was appalled by what i spent 97 mins of my life & time watching. This was a disjointed movie with a watery script, poor acting, a very lazy attempt at post-production with the background music overshadowing the dialogues, terrible visuals with most of the scenes being dark due to poor lighting. How this movie made its way into the halls of the cinema is beyond me. Scenes were just cut into each other, most of which made no sense. I have watched a lot of Nollywood movies both good and bad but am sorry to say this tops the list of most useless movie (useless does not even begin to quantify how irritating this movie is). I feel cheated that i spent the amount that i even spent N250 [$1.57] (Silverbird Cinemas, Uyo actually show movies at this rate).

FINAL JUDGEMENT: I leave you to be the judge but my advice, flee from this lazy attempt at a movie even by Nollywood’s standard.

RATING: 1/10 (my attempt at being nice)


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Without Wax,


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