[Movie Review] I, Frankenstein


Even though this is from the producers of Underworld, this does not come close to being like Underworld. It’s an I, Frankenstein review.

THE BRAINS & CAST: The movie is directed by Stuart Beattie who also has a hand in the screenplay alongside with Kevin Grevioux. The movie casts Aaron Eckhart as Adam, Yvonne Strahovski as Terra, Miranda Otto as Leonore, Bill Nighy as Naberius, Jai Courtney as Gideon, Kevin Grevioux as Dekar, Aden Young as Victor Frankenstein & Socratis Otto as Zuriel.

THE PLOT: The plot is about Frankenstein’s creation named Adam, who finds himself in the center of an all-out, centuries old war between two immortal clans of Demons and Gargoyles of the Gargoyles Order. You can check out the trailer review here and the trailer below.

ANALYSIS: The plot idea was nice but i believe the director could have done much more better adding a couple of nice subplots, twists and fleshed out the characters more and this i believe was the ultimate failing of the movie. The acting was also below par save Bill Nighy who as always gives of a good performance though this would not fall into his best and i believed Courtney and Eckhart, could have done a lot better than looking like robots especially Courtney and the same goes for the dialogue as it was not really engaging and believable. With regards to the visuals, there i would say the movie did well especially with the transformation from human to Gargoyle viz-a-viz. For the action scenes, now that’s the saving grace of the movie as there were a couple of cool fighting scenes for a movie that falls into the category of no-brainer action movies.

FINAL VERDICT: I, Frankenstein tries too hard and fails and suffers from a poor exploitation of a good script. 5.5/10

Movie Quotes

Adam: I’m a monster

Terra: You’re only a monster if you behave like one

Leonore: Each of us has a higher purpose. Yours is yet to reveal itself

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