[News] Franchise Fatigue Weighs Down Amazing Spiderman 2


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 scored one of the best debuts of the year, but wasn’t nearly as amazing as past outings in the Spider-
Man franchise. Of course, the movie is doing significantly stronger business overseas. So far, it’s earned $277 million, and has a good chance of matching its predecessor’s $490 million total. At the domestic box office, the sequel to the 2012 reboot opened to
an estimated $92 million. That’s a bit lower than Captain America: The Winter Soldier ‘s $95 million debut last month. It is higher than Thor: The Dark World ($85.7 million), and is also above 2009 summer kick-off X-Men Origins: Wolverine ($85.1 million).

Compared to other outings in the Spider-Man series, though, this is a disappointing debut. It’s tough to compare this to the first
Amazing Spider-Man , which opened on a Tuesday ahead of the Fourth of July weekend. The best comparable titles are the first and
third movie in Sam Raimi ‘s original trilogy, which also debuted on the first weekend of May. Those opened to $114.8 million and $151.1
million, respectively, with much lower average ticket prices and no 3D premiums.

The Spider-Man character clearly remains very popular—if that weren’t the case, it couldn’t have possibly reached $90 million. It’s abundantly clear, though, that this franchise has to some extent worn out its welcome with moviegoers.

To justify its existence so soon after the Raimi series, the 2012 reboot needed to be great; unfortunately, reactions were generally
mixed. It was also the lowest-grossing entry yet at the domestic box office with $262 million (down 22 percent from the last entry).

Culled from BoxOffice Mojo

Not yet had the time to go see it but the reviews have come across and the word of mouth reviews have generally being positive.  Hope to see it sometime this week.

So what do you think? Could Amazing Spider-Man 2 have earned more on it’s debut day? Share your thoughts with me in the comments box.

Without Wax,

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6 thoughts on “[News] Franchise Fatigue Weighs Down Amazing Spiderman 2

  1. This is looking at things from a purely financial angle. I’ll say let’s wait and see how much it makes in total eventually.
    This is the first Spiderman movie that I saw in the cinemas and I saw it in 3D. It is truly amazing.

    1. Definitely it will make a lot more eventually. it’s just been evaluated from a financial angle as you rightly stated and goes to show the effect of a not too convincing prequel (Amazing Spiderman) on a sequel. Hope to see it today and have my own opinions. Thanks for your comment

  2. I think it will do more money than the last one but it will be hard pushed to ever reach the hay days of 00’s spider-man films. Back then Spider-Man films were the biggest, best superhero films around but all the others have caught up. Spiderman on his own can never match a team up film like The Avengers or in future years the Justice League.

    Still making over $700M is impressive for a standalone film, and that’s with all the problems that they have encountered with rebooting the series.

    1. Well the numbers are what the movie accumulated by the end of the weekend. Definitely with the positive reviews have seen, the numbers will definitely ramp up

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