[News] DC Comics Could Be Pitching For A Supergirl TV Series


According to Bleeding Cool, it’s looking like Supergirl might get her own TV series. Their source says DC Entertainment is pitching the idea and that they’ve brought in TV producer Michael Green to help.

For those who don’t know who Green is, he’s worked on developing series such as Gotham, American Gods, Smallville, and Heroes. He was also a writer on Smallville, Heroes, Gotham, and films such as Green Lantern and the upcoming series The Flash. He also worked with Mike Johnson on the New 52 reboot of Supergirl. The guy definitely knows his way around the superhero kitchen.

He will write and produce the series if it happens, and why wouldn’t it happen? Look at all the shows being developed right now! We’ve got Arrow, Flash, Constantine, and Gotham. It would only make sense that Supergirl would be included, especially with all this talk of female superheroes not getting the spotlight they deserve. Meanwhile, Marvel has two female-centered shows in the works as well with Agent Carter and Jessica Jones.

What do you think folks? Do we want to see Supergirl on our TV screens every week? Share your thoughts with me.

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